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Euro exchange rate to Chilean Pesos

€ 1 = $ 899.28August 2, 2021

Convert Euros to Chilean Pesos (CLP)

$ 899

Convert Chilean Pesos to Euros (€)

€ 1,00

Quick Conversions from Euro to Chilean Peso

Euros to pesos

1 899
5 4.496
10 8.993
25 22.482
50 44.964
100 89.928
500 449.640

Pesos to euros

100 0,11
1.000 1,11
5.000 5,56
20.000 22,24
50.000 55,60
100.000 111,20
500.000 556,00

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Euro exchange rate in the last 36 hours

Regulations about the Euro market in Chile

In Chile the foreign exchange market has minimal regulations, so that transactions in Euros between individuals are carried out at the price that they freely agree on.

Valor del Euro presents the value reported by banking institutions, however the conversion rate in exchange offices or other institutions may vary, although not significantly.
Exchange houses are obliged to inform the Chilean government's Financial Analysis Unit about suspicious operations or operations that exceed the amount determined by this institution.
If you are going to trade more than US $ 1,000 ( 841 euros ), according to the law 19.913 and circulars issued by the financial analysis unit must present your identity card, or if you are a foreigner, your passport and fill out a mandatory form that is available in the exchange office.
For transactions over US $ 5.000 ( 4.207 euros at the current dollar exchange rate), or its equivalent in other currencies, the client must inform through a document that proves the origin of the currency. These documents can be for example:

  • salary settlements
  • labor settlements
  • property sale
  • inheritance
  • sale of shares
  • etc.

If you do not have any of these or similar documents, you can fill out and sign a declaration of the origin and destination of the money.


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